Midnight Express

by Sharan Samra

Today Joe gave a presentation on the LE PEST C factors concerning the 1970s. A few things that stood out to me which I wish to cover begin with wanting to find out what the term “midnight express” means. I now know that it was the name given to a book written by Billy Hayes in 1977 and a year later a film adaptation was produced.

Upon searching for what the term midnight express may stand for I was faced with two very different interpretations. According to Wikipedia under the description of the film the term is described as an attempt to escape from prison by inmates. According to urban dictionary the term is described as an act of sodomy that can be performed at any time of the day but holds more significance when performed during the midnight hour…….I’ll leave that one with you!

Like most film adaptations the actual ratio of facts versus fiction was low in terms of facts. Oliver Stone who penned the adaptation explained that his reasoning behind changing so much of the information was so that the film would enhance the viewer’s senses while creating an awareness on human rights and abuse suffered in foreign countries.

The film went on to be remembered as one of the first of it’s kind to portray foreign prison culture and provided wisdom to the society on drug related charges even though by the 1970s the use of recreational drugs had become somewhat acceptable.