Arian Behzadi

by Sharan Samra

Slightly off topic but felt compelled to share this man’s work.

I stumbled across some interesting pieces of mixed media collages today, produced by biological science graduate, Arian Behzadi. Skilled and employed in the field of science and medicine but during his spare time Behzadi creates these really stimulating and quite beautiful collages. Reading his short biography on his webpage, he explains how he finds his own way of bridging the gap between science and art.

What’s interesting about this is his expression in doing so. It’s not completely unique, he sometimes works on commissioned pieces of artwork but ultimately it remains that he’s no expert he just promotes a really simple but really effective way of expressing his desire to be creative. He has a personal interest in creativity and he’s combining it with his everyday work.

His website displays an array of work including his own audio as well as visuals but below are some of my favourites.