Peaceful hooligans

by Sharan Samra

During an episode of British Style Genius the topic of casual culture was talked of. Associated with football hooliganism originating from British groups attending European football matches and bringing back with them European designer labels.

However, in tandem to all this and subsequently after the trend had peaked and began to fade there were still a crop of ambassadors adorned in ‘casualwear’ that had incorporated the style into their lifestyle. These I am calling the peaceful hooligans, who followed other recreational activities including tennis, golf and snooker. Towards the tail end of the 80s and into the 90s the trend was kept alive by brands such as Lyle & Scott, Fred Perry, Ellesse, Sergio Tacchini, Pringle, Nike New Balance and Lacoste.

And as well as reaping inspiration from outside of the UK, our European neighbours were at the same time looking towards us for their own inspiration. Young italian men adopted casualwear into their lifestyles after being exposed to the prior hooliganism of the 80s.

Below is a nostalgic look at 80s/90s less aggressive casuals!