by Sharan Samra

For fear of not really finding much factual information on the term/culture/subtrend of chavs I decided to interpret the term in my own way and from how I saw it develop.

I dont think anyone can really say when the term was originally dubbed to the pretty massive collective the UK seems to harbour! But I left school in 2003 and I vaguely remember beginning to refer to some people as chavs then!

It has to be said that chavs probably were the biggest group of people to have been ‘invented’ in the noughties and in my opinion dwarfed any other influential subtrend in terms of the direction it pushed fashion in, the attitude that came with it, even television was under the influence with portrayal of low class (or no class), chavette Vicky Pollard and TV series Shameless!

People say chavs have always existed it’s just that they’ve been called different things in different times but i’m not sure. Chavs made popular the indescribable velour tracksuit, stuck to the head type hairstyle championed by the ladies and that unhealthy obsession with anything in Burberry print. To which at some extend all this is still very much alive amongst original adopters and who they are now posing influence on.