Boudicca comes to UEL

by Sharan Samra

Yesterday we were vey lucky to have Zowie Broach – one half of Boudicca – come in as a guest lecturer. Five minutes in and I was hook, line and sinker! Joe had already warned us that she’d be mind blowingly inspirational but I really had no idea it’d be on this scale.

Zowie kicked off by answering the question “what is the meaning behind the name Boudicca?” to which she explained that Boudicca was the first warrior queen and likened her to Queen Elizabeth I. She went on to explain that the name represents something powerful and abstract which is exactly how Zowie and her partner, Brian wanted people to perceive the brand. They were adamant they didn’t want to use either of their names.

Clearly unable to document everything that I found inspirational so below I have written things that I scribbled whilst Zowie was talking, things that moved me and independently shaped another part me of me.

“remember to broaden our thoughts on maths, geography, the academics of the world – history”

“it’s not just about watching clothes, catwalks or fashion”

“imagination is powerful”

“currently reading liquid madernity”

“this [degree] is the luxury of our time of expression”

“make error, take risks, to wonder in latin = error”

“listen to yourself, you make the future, is it real or virtual?”

“100 things you love vs 100 things you hate – you have to learn to hate before you can love”

“be respectful of dreams of men of the past”