WODE by Boudicca

by Sharan Samra

Following my last post about Boudicca coming in as a guest lecturer, with her, Zowie very kindly brought in her own sketchbooks, work, research for us to look at. Amongst this were samples of the duos fragrance line – WODE.

So clever and innovative yet failed to capture the interest of investors, which I still can’t seem to fathom. But anyway, I think it’s incredible! Not only is it scientifically advanced it boasts mythical history too.

Wode, deriving from the ancient plant extract Woad, was used by Britons in a paste form as a tribal marking in battle. Woad appeared magical to the Britons as when it was applied to skin in it’s murky format, when exposed to oxygen the colour changed to a vibrant cobalt blue.

The Wode scent is spiced with juniper berry, cardamon, elements of black hemlock and the smell of raw opium and when sprayed from the graffiti style can onto skin the deep blue mist appears as described in ancient history. Lasting no more than around 30 seconds, the mist fades away to nothing leaving behind the fresh and radiant scent.

Below are images of how it looked when tested by everyone!