Prep for CW2

by Sharan Samra

Now with lectures over and work is to begin on our second piece of coursework I have started researching into my chosen decade – 1990s.

I think this was an understated decade, dubbed boring in terms of fashion, nothing really new but actually when put into the LE PEST C context the 90s was very much as culturally defined as any other decade before it.

I haven’t finalised which fashion house I’ll be preparing my silhouettes for but I have narrowed it down to a few contenders – Dries Van Noten, Yohji Yamamoto and Raf Simons – I’ve also decided that I’ll be focussing on menswear for the brief.

So to kickstart some background work I’ve been looking at past collections from Raf Simons when he first started out, from when he headed up Jil Sander and to now prior to his suspected relocation to Dior.

I definitely feel challenged enough and positively inspired to get working on potential silhouettes.